Rental Bathroom Makeover

So every rental bathroom I have ever lived in looks exactly the same. So sad and so gross. I have been on a quest to make the rental we are living in a home as much as possible. There is no reason to live in blah while you wait around for that big break to score your dream home. You deserve to love the space you are in no matter what phase of life. Now with rentals there really is only so much you can do though. You can't knock down any walls or drastically change things. But everything I did in this bathroom can be reverted back to it's original state.

Some landlords are more strict than others. But I have found with big changes like paint, that if I come to them with a thought out proposal and a mood board and exact materials, most of them are ok with it. Plus most landlords repaint with every new person anyways so it's no different to them. And I am using nicer paint than what they use so I am just helping the whole situation out for the better. But with these countertops and light fixtures, you wouldn't even need to ask because you can change it right back. (Unless they hug you and say thank you for making their ugly nasty bathroom look bright and happy hah) 


Ok links.. 

Marble Countertop contact paper: I might have broken out a sweat putting this on hah but don't fret when you think all is lost. Just bust out a blow dryer and it will solve all your problems. Hah but seriously. A blowdryer helps mold it around curves and around your sink. Then I used an exaco knife to cut around all the excess and poke holes in air bubbles. Also I love this paper because it's not shiny. It's the prettiest soft bright marble. (see how pretty it molds over the curves?! Thank you blowdryer.) 

Hardware pained with rust oleum metallic spray paint I got at home depot. 

Tape around mirror: I wanted to frame out my mirror but also didn't want to spend a bunch a money. So I legit just used tape and it actually looks awesome! 

Light Fixture: Rental light fixtures are AWFUL! Like full blown terrible. I found this one on amazon for dirt cheep. And it gives off so much light and makes everything so bright and happy. I used these bulbs

I am so happy with it and enjoy getting ready in there every morning. It may not be million dollar home huge incredible bathroom, but it's perfect for me and our little home. I still have plans to spruce up the floor and add pulls to the lower cabinets too (A little over zealous posting this haha) but I am super happy with how it turned out. 

DIY Rad and Happy Lettering Pillows

Easily add custom rad & happy hand lettering to your pillows to totally revamp any space in your home in a fun and unique way. Using your Cricut, you will very easily be able to transform a boring pillow cover into something SO fun! You can use pillows you already have laying around even to make this extra easy and awesome. 

For tutorials and files, go HERE for the freckles pillow and HERE for the kiss me pillow.