Christmas Cards with Mixbook

Guys! I am such an adult now.. I actually made Christmas Cards! Haha probably pretty pathetic that this is my first year doing them ever, but I am so excited! I knew I wanted to add some "rad & happy" to the card and so I teamed up with Mixbook because they make it so dang easy! Plus their gold foil cards add the prettiest touch that I could never recreate printing on my own. 

They make adding your own lettering or artwork super easy. You just save it as a .png with a transparent background and upload it as a "sticker" on their website. If you keep reading.. I might have a little freebie for you to use if you'd like! :)

The hardest part for sure was deciding which card to use. They are all so dang good seriously. I love this one but ultimately decided to go with this one. Also my friends gave me a really good tip when it comes to Christmas Cards! She said to pick your card BEFORE you take pictures. That way you don't have the issue of trying to balance your favorite photo not working with your favorite card. So dang smart. 

I've attached my "Merry Christmas" file that you are free to use on your own cards! Only stipulation is that you send me a photo of your cards. ;) (ok you don't have to, but I'd love to see!)



I am so incredibly impressed with Mixbook's print and card quality. The gold foil is so swoon worthy in real life, their card customization was easy to use, and their turnaround was amazing. I seriously have zero complaints and would highly recommend them for your cards this year! :)

Free Halloween Coloring Page

Happy Halloween! To say thank you for all your love and support lately, I wanted to send a freebie coloring page your way. No strings attached. Just enjoy. :) Feel free to print it out on your home computer and color your heart out! All I ask is that you don't sell it or redistribute it to anyone. xo