The Rad & Happy Ultimate Quilting Resource

I get a lot of questions about quilting all the time so I thought I would put together a one stop resource blog post. Everything is linked, so you can buy what you need right from amazon without having to leave the house. (I'm telling you. Amazon would be the love of my life is my husband wasn't so dang wonderful) 

I really hope you find this helpful! I just feel like I have put SO much trail and error into all the options out there and sharing everything I learned with you makes all the time worth it. :) 


1. This class rocked my quilting world. Seriously.. just take it. I can cut out fabric in seconds and get a quilt top together in an afternoon because of this class and her wonderful tricks. 


I went through about 8 different kinds when I first started quilting and this is just the best one I have come across for sure. 

I also bought waaaaay too many rulers in the beginning. You can get by doing almost everything with just this one. 

Don't try to get by with a small cutting mat. It just doesn't work when cutting yardage. This one is my favorite for sure. I use it practically every day and it has help up fantastically. 

4. A Sewing Machine (obviously. hah) Juki TL-2010Q

This is the one I have. I have upgraded twice till I finally landed with this one and have no reason to ever buy another one. This thing is a total workhorse and the insides are all made out of metal. Meaning it will last forever. It only does straight stitch (so no zigzag or embellishment stitches) but I never ever used those so I don't miss them one bit. Things I love about it.. if you press your heel down on the foot petal, it cuts your thread. So stinking nice. And I have only done it on accident about twice the whole time I have owned the machine so no need to worry about that. It has a huuuuge throat space (the space your quilt will be rolled up to the right side of your needle) so I can quilt pretty massive quilts on here. Which I have done on many many occasions. It never skips stitches. It comes with a huge table. It does the one thing it does very very well. It never gives me any grief. Which is huge happy points in my book. 

I seriously will never baste a quilt with pins ever again. Basting spray is the way to go. It keeps everything together and I hardly ever get puckering. It saves a TON of time and my fingers don't bleed from pinning and unpinning all day long. You do have to clean your floors cause it leaves a sticky residue but it's worth it. And I have never had issues with this kind gumming up my machine or anything. 

I have gone through a lot of different kinds of batting and this one is by far the dreamiest most perfect out of them all. In my opinion. It is by Quilters Dream and it is the Select loft. (loft is how thick it is) A lot of battings from local craft stores are so lightweight and flimsy. I at least like to have a little substance to my quilts without them being overbearing. This batting is the best. And I have no idea how something you put on the inside of your quilt makes the outside so soft, but it seriously just lives up to it's name and makes your whole quilt dreamy. They also have the option of white and natural. I usually get white because I use a lot of white on my quilts. 

7. Fabric 

So I actually buy a ton of my fabric online which can be tricky but so convenient. For solids I use Kona. I bought a color card which I cut up so I can compare colors and see how they look together. It's also super helpful if you are trying to match a backing or something. I don't know how I ever lived without mine. 

I also never prewash my fabrics. I like the wrinkly goodness that happens when I don't. I will always wash my finished quilts on cold and never let them soak for too long. (Like forget about them in the washer). I lot of the times I will throw in a Shout Color Catcher or two if I am super worried about it or use super contrasting colors. 

Stash Fabrics is my go to place. Beth has an amazing selection and has free shipping over $50. And she is super super quick which I love. And she's just a doll and super helpful always. 

SewFineFabric has the absolute best selection of organic fabrics. Everything in her shop is nothing short of dreamy and it comes folded and packages so nice that it feels like a present to myself every single time. Oh and I just love love love her. Her kindness makes me want to hug her till it's awkward but I don't even care cause she's that great. 

Fabric Bubb has the ultimate variety. And her pictures of all the fabric make me swoon. She is amazing too and for sure another wonderful wonderful resource. 

This seems weird but these are game changers guys. You actually move around a lot to cut, sew, iron, etc and watching Netflix while quilting is essential. I was so tired of my headphone chord getting tangled up in my project and having to pick up my phone and bring it with me. Sounds insignificant, but I promise you will loooove having a pair of these. 

I have had this iron for a few years and love it. You can read the reviews but basically it's an iron and does what it's supposed to do. Happy day. 

You will use this 800 million times. Don't use the poopy tiny one that came with your machine. It already sucks when you have to use it, you might as well make your life a little easier and get a nice one. 


Love love looooove this one. You don't need it unless you want to make a triangle or hexagon quilt though. So if you are just starting out, maybe make a few quilts first. 

Literately one of the best things that has ever happened to the sewing world. Again, not a necessity but man it makes my life easy. 

I use this to mark lines on my quilt to make sure I quilt straight. I like this because it just puts a crease in the fabric which goes away after awhile or when you wash it. I don't trust any "washable" pens. 

The name of these things make me laugh out loud. Basically they are just gloves with grippies on the fingers and palms to it makes quilting a quilt on your machine SO much easier. They don't win much points on the sexy scale, but I am always grateful when I do use them. 

15. Odds & Ends

Masking tape for basting your quilt. Scissors for cutting off loose thread. A sewing tape measure. 

Aaaand I think that's it! Hopefully that wasn't too overwhelming! You guys are the best of the best. Now go make some gorgeous quilts!! 

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