Rad&Happy in NYC - Day Two

Holy overload of pictures. Then a lot of info. If you want the summary, just scroll down to the bottom. :) 

Day Two!! 

We first ate breakfast around the corner from our hotel at a place called the Egg Shop. The design of this place was enough to make me swoon. The food was really wholesome and good. I got the avo & egg. It was a super hearty toast loaded with avocado, tomatoes, sea salt, and a poached egg on top. It was fresh and tasty. 

Then we went to central park. Which is GORGEOUS this time of year. Last time I was here everything was dead and blah. But it's amazingly green right now. We did the touristy thing and rented bikes but it was actually a lot of fun. It is quite the trek though but worth it.

Luckily Shack Shack is just right down the street so you can put back on those calories you just burnt off. And oh man it was good. It is like New York's In N Out kinda. But Shake Shack for sure wins in the fry department. I got their standard cheeseburger, crinkle fries, and a black & white shake. (I mean how could I not??) I was for sure pleased. The line will be insane but it goes by pretty fast so just go for it. 

We then headed back to our hotel cause our feet needed a break big time. 

Matt had a meeting by the Flat Iron building. You think because you have seen it in pictures it would just be an eh thing but no way. It's so shocking and rad to see it in real life.

AND there is the store Flying Tiger right next to it. All the heart eyes. And they just brought it over to the US so there is only this one store in NYC. Imagine a mix between Ikea, a dollar store, and a modern happy explosion all in a store. Everything is like $1 $3 or $5 (with some things a little more but I didn't see anything over $15) But everything is SO cute. I sent my friend Sara about 8 million pictures because I thought I was going to explode from happiness being in there. hah. 

I then was craving something super light and cold and that would make me feel good. We walked over to One Lucky Duck. It is open 24 hours and is super tiny but waaaay good. You get a wave of green juice when you open the door but they have a lot of other stuff if you aren't super into veggie juice. I got the banana nut which was bananas, cashew milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. It hit the spot something fierce. I will probably most likely go back before I go home. A little pricey though. I believe my drink was around $10. But that is pretty typical with cold pressed juice places.

I also walked around while Matt was finishing up his meeting. There are a lot of really cute shops around there. I have been on such a pretty type, graffiti, and signage high I can hardly stand it. I'm just so obsessed with being surrounded by it all the time and can't stop taking pictures of it all. 

Then we made our way over to Time Square. You for sure have to see time square but it's actually probably my least favorite part of NYC. It is so crowded and insane and very in your face. Do NOT miss it though. You have to see it once. But I always want out of there really fast. 

At this point my feet were KILLING me. I have a bad foot though that swells pretty bad when I am on it too much but man make sure you wear good shoes. And go with someone willing to give you a foot rub. Hah. But we went back to the Hotel and Matt went and picked up more Lombardi's pizza even though it was 11 at night. It's just SO good. And like a 5 min walk from our hotel, so I might run 100 miles to work off all this food once my feet don't feel like they are going to fall off my body in pain. hah. 


Egg Shop - Simple and good.

Biking Central Park - A  good break from the city. Gorgeous. 

Shake Shake - The best burger joint I've ever been to. The In N Out lover in me cries a little but it's just true. 

Flying Tiger: Leave room in your suitcase. Cutest store ever. 

Times Square: Meh. Have to see but only for like 5 minutes. 

Lombardi's: If you were to fly from wherever you are now to NYC and just ate this pizza and went home, it would 100% be worth the trip. 


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