Everyone always talks about in order to have a successful blog, you need a niche. 


So you're telling me that a blog with photography, hand lettering, quilting, and all the other random creative ramblings of my life proooobably isn't going to cut it? Yeah I get it. It actually totally makes sense. 

Maybe someday I will narrow things down but until then, I am happy and enjoying this whole little creative happy world of mine a lot. So I know this probably isn't the smartest way to go about things so someday I can make 8 million dollars a day off my blog/shop but that's not really my goal anyway. This is my rad little space. And it's a happy one. And I have you rad people to hang out with here so thanks for that, you lovely rockstar you. 

With that said.. Here is some lettering goodness I have been working on as of late..

 *lettering tip* sloooow down. I tend to want to write faster than I should. But if things aren't looking the way you want, slow your writing way down and move at a nice and steady slow pace. 

(some of these are in the shop so make sure you get on that goodness too)

Fossil Quilt

Matt & Mallo | Family Maternity