iPad Pro Handlettering Hacks

Ok so the biggest complaint I have heard about the iPad Pro is that the writing surface is too slippery. Your apple pencil feels almost like it is slipping away from you and doesn't have the texture like a piece of paper would. 

Solution: Matte Screen Protector

Guys I honestly didn't think I could possibly love my iPad Pro any more but this was a huge game changer. It feels exactly like drawing on paper. And no weird parallax or struggles with the apple pencil because of it. It does kinda take a bit to get used to the matte look on the screen but it doesn't bother me. It also help with glare when filming videos of you using it. 

Speaking of video. I am pretty sure I bought every tripod of all sized trying to figure out the best way to film myself using my iPad. This little dude is a game changer. The tiny little thing makes all my expensive useless tripods pretty embarrassed. hah. If you want to film with your actual camera instead of your phone, I use this camera (overkill for handlettering videos but I use it for everything and looove it) and this tripod

Solution: Desk Phone Clamp

One last hack I have is charging on the go. The iPad Pro is a beast to charge but in a pinch I have been using this portable charging unit with this little chord so it doesn't get tangled and annoying. It gives my pro the boost it needs when in a pinch and charges my iPhone like 8 million times. hah. It also comes in a nifty carrying bag that I keep my apple pencil charging connector in so I don't have to charge it with my iPad cause whoa anxiety with that thing sticking out awkwardly like that right? hah 

Solution: Portable Charging Unit

I am pretty sure I hug my iPad pro every single day. Feel free to check out my youtube to see a few of the many reasons I love it so. Hah but for reals it has totally and completely revolutionized how I create. I hope you guys find this info rad and feel free to ask me any other questions you may have and I would be happy to answer them. :) 


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