Favorite Smoothie

I have tried about 8 million protein powders to add to my smoothies and they all taste like dirt. Seriously who is really drinking those?? But I finally found one that tastes REALLY good! Like whoa I feel like it can't be real life good. And there are no preservatives, made of all natural ingredients, and packed full of goodness. I stumbled on this stuff by myself so this is not paid or anything. I just really love it. 

Also have you tried PB2? This stuff is amazing. They sell it basically everywhere but it rocks because you get the tasty peanut butter goodness taste without all the dang fat and junk. I also sprinkle it on my pancakes with some pure maple syrup. Mmmm so good. :) 

I use my blendtec blender to blend it all up. This is one of those items that you cringe when you press the buy now button, but I haven't regretted it a single day. Those almonds? Completely smooth. No chunks for me. Which might not seem like a huge deal but that makes or breaks a smoothie for me. If its chunky and nasty, I won't drink it. So my rationale is that my blender helps me eat healthier and I need all the help I can get. So its a major win in my book. :) 

Ingredients // 1 Cup of Milk (I use regular milk) - 6 Ice Cubes - 3T PB2 (give or take depending on taste preferences) - 1 Scoop Chocolate Kura Powder - 1 Small Scoop of Raw Almonds - 1 Banana (The riper the better. Can also use frozen and can leave out ice) // Blend together till smooth

And always always drink it out of a cute jar with a colorful straw (these are my fav). 

Hope you love! xo

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