No Bad Days

I saw the phrase "no bad days" written somewhere a while back and I love it! I get to decide to have good days instead of being rocked by those bad days. 

These are a few things I have been doing lately that have helped keep my days happy. 

1. Have something to look forward to every day. // This has become such a habit I sometimes forget that there was a time I didn't do it. But the first thing I do when I wake up is think about something I get to look forward to that day. It doesn't have to be monumental (sometimes I am just really excited about breakfast. hah.) but I always find something, that way I am not getting out of bed dreading the laundry and other chores that need to be done. 

 2. Take a minute for myself before the kids wake up. // Ok I am NOT a morning person. (Probably because I hardly ever go to bed before midnight.) Everyone's schedule is different but I take the 15 min before my husband leaves for work and go for a walk outside by myself. Sometimes I run and blast music and get my heart rate going. And sometimes I just wander and clear my head. Either way, this tiny bit of time to myself pays off all day. 

3. Don't eat (a lot of) junk. // I love junk food. Like I could eat donuts every stinking day and be stoked on life. But you're kidding yourself if you don't think it effects your mood and how you feel. I am quite possibly the worst cook on the planet (I can burn a grilled cheese and keep it soggy at the same time. Impressively disastrous.) but I try to put real food in my body as much as I can. That way I can indulge in our date night donut runs and actually enjoy it.  As much as I hate to admit it, this is huge. Fuel your body with real fuel. It will thank you.

4. Stop getting mad at your kids. // We are still taking this a day at a time but now every time something goes not so awesome, I pause. I am so quick to act out but I have found if I can just wait for a few seconds, the steam blows over and I can handle the situation with a level head. That and about 8 million prayers and just not taking everything so dang seriously. 

5. Choose to love the heck out of your spouse. // Laugh at their jokes. Make out. Put your dang phone away and talk. Tell them more than what you tell your friends. Cuddle close because you can. Go out of your way to make them happy. You know.. all that good mushy stuff. 

I would love to hear your go-to happy tips too if you have any!

Hope you make yourself a rad and happy Wednesday. And high fives for no bad days. :) 

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