Fathers Day Freebie

I have a whole bunch of sentimental thoughts about dads but I keep writing them out and erasing them because I can't do my love for Dad's justice. There is just nothing better than a good dad. I remember my friends in college thinking it was crazy that my dad would call and I would talk to him for hours on the phone. Or watching my husband become a dad was one of the best moments of my entire life. Or watching dad's completely enjoy their kids at the park. All of it makes me whole self ridiculously and completely happy. And so I am so glad that there is a day dedicated to all the dads out there because dad's are just cool. Even cooler than dinosaurs. 

Just print the card out on your home printer, make two cuts on the dotted lines, and fold. Easy peasy. And it's b&w for your kids (or let be honest, you) to color which makes it more personal. And if it's for your dad, a little "and you're older then them too" inside would be pretty comical. Hope the dads in your life love it!  

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