The Best Bags EVER from Ju-Ju-Be

I have no idea how I am so late to the Ju-Ju-Be train, but I feel bad for my previous self for not owning any of these amazing bags. Any one who has seen me recently has seen me with one of these bags and if they accidentally brought it up, they got an ear full of how obsessed I am. hah. And since I had one of each of my favorites  in my possession after doing some design work for them, I figured I would give you the run down on these beauties. 

But first my FAVORITE three things about all their bags are 

1. Machine washable. Say whaaat? Game changer people. 

2. They have a Teflon coating that makes them hard to get dirty in the first place and allows spills to be cleaned by super easily. 

3. Their pockets are genius. Everything has a spot that is perfect. A lot of thought and time went into the design of these bags for reals. I am never digging for my keys anymore or panicking cause I can't find my phone. It's a gift to mom brains everywhere. 

This bag is the perfect everyday size. Not too big but still fits everything you need. It can be a messenger bag AND a backpack. Opens up nice and wide if you want it to and has a the perfect pockets for everything you'd ever need. 

The Be Classy

This bag has my favorite shape out of all the bags. It's beautiful. All the pockets are sleek and hidden but still easily accessible. I prefer this shape to the BFF but I like the pockets on the side of the BFF for my personal water bottle. The Be Classy has sweet interior pockets that work amazing for sippy cups but I have to put my water bottle inside the bag. The bag is so pretty though that I don't mind too much. 

The Be Right Back

This bag legitimately converted me to being a back pack user. This one has the BEST pockets ever perfectly located and accessible. It's incredibly comfortable, And no more nailing my kids with my bag as I lean over to pick them up because it just stays put and out of the way. I also like that there are two zippers so I can bring them around to get something out of the bottom of my bag without having to dig from the top. It also has a place to the changing pad which works perfect for my iPad pro/laptop. 

The Be Prepared

This thing is MASSIVE! And I LOVE it. It is the perfect overnight bag or day trip bag. (or if you are a over packer/ have multiple babies kinda thing) The coolest part is that for such a big bag, it isn't cumbersome to use at all. Straps tuck away when you don't need them and it keeps it's shape great. The pockets are well thought out so they aren't not deep dark holes and the strap is crazy comfy even when carrying heavy loads. 

Conclusion: The BFF is the perfectly functional bag with momma in mind. The Be Classy is beautiful and wonderful. The Be Right Back will make you wonder how you have lived without it your whole life. And the Be Prepared will turn all your overnight/long day packing nightmares into happy times. You can't go wrong with any of them seriously. Ju-Ju-Be knows whats up. Make sure to check out their website for all the nitty gritty details. There are just so jammed packed with goodness, I promise you'll love yours. 

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