Fear No Mess // Chalkboard Wallpaper Experiment

Messy art mediums give me serious anxiety. Like I am positive working with charcoal during my art degree shortened my lifespan because of the stress of it all. I vowed once I graduated to never work with a messy medium again. 

But then method told me about their Fear No Mess campaign they have going on and it really inspired me. What would I do if I didn't fear the mess? What kind of artistic barriers would it break free? 

So I took what I always do, write regular sized on a table with a pen or an iPad pro, and try something completely opposite. So I put up chalkboard wallpaper on a whole wall in my bedroom. It's messy. It's weird writing huge and straight up and down with an awkward piece of chalk. But instead of it stressing me out and holding back, the thought of not fearing the mess has been surprising liberating. Let that nasty chalk dust get everywhere dang it. Let the letters be far from perfect and not centered. Let go of perfection and just create for the sake of creating. With the added bonus of knowing method will take care of my nasty chalk hands after with their amazing smelling non-toxic soaps keeps me from making any more excuses. It feels good guys. I am inspired and rejuvenated artistically. 

created in partnership with method

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