How I "do it all".

I get this question A LOT. How do you do it all? Is there anything you can't do? While I am super flattered that just isn't the case. Like everyone else in the whole world, I am good at some things and really not good at others. And lucky for me, I don't have to put the stuff I am bad at on social media. ;) 

As a full time mom with a very time consuming business on the side, I've had to figure out some ways to make life easier on me so I don't loose my mind. 

My first tip would be to throw out any expectation of doing it all. Some days you're a rockstar and some days you are big wad of lame. And thats FINE! Actually I feel like that's healthy. If I have a crazy productive day, I know I am going to need a sluggish day. And if I have too many lame days in a row, I kick myself in the butt and get to work. 

My second tip would be to stop reading stupid facebook articles about how you are an evil worthless waste of a parent because you spend too much time on your phone and should say yes more. Could we all use a little less screen time? Yes. Duh. But what is with the GUILT?! You can't say yes to every request your child makes to do a craft or read 8 thousand books a day. However ideal that may seem, it's just not realistic. Love your kids the best way you know how. That's enough. Because kids who are loved will turn out just fine. 

My third tip would be to do whatever you can to make your life easier. Get your groceries delivered. Purge your stuff frequently so you don't have a bunch of extra clutter in your house which also equals less to clean. Lock your kids in their room together so they will be forced to play with their toys you spent a bunch of money on that they never play with so you can have some time to clean, make dinner, read, get dressed, etc. I recently received this Luna Munchkin baby gate and it has been a game changer for me. It installed quickly, isn't an eyesore, and has a motion activated LED light which means toddler night time bathroom run nightlight and gate in one. #score

So we have been putting our kids in their room together for at least an hour a day. I'm not going to lie and say they play perfectly quiet and Brock never tackles Kyra and Kyra never cries. But they are getting used to it and are really learning how to play together and use their imaginations together! (Which is the reason I had you two so close together dang it! haha) But I also love that I can see them and they can see me so they don't feel totally abandoned and I can keep an eye on them so they stay safe. They make a HUGE mess every single time (We are working on the whole "if you make the mess you clean the mess" concept but we'll get there eventually.) and I am ok with that because a mess in just one room is better than a mess through the whole house for SURE! 

My last tip is to take care of yourself. This is such a duh but it's so easy to overlook. Eat right. You feel like crap if you don't. Aka you won't get anything done. Read your scriptures/ meditate/ go for a walk/ anything that works for you in the morning to start your day off on a good foot so you're taken care of mentally. Be kind to other people and do something nice every once in a while. Nothing will take care of you more than serving others. 

Basically my house isn't always clean and when it is, it stays that way for a few fleeting moments. I don't have it all together, but I embrace that instead of beating myself up over it. I find ways to take shortcuts and make life easier. And I take a few moments to take care of myself and the people I love. 


thanks for my friends at Munchkin for making this momma's life so much easier. 

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