West Elm Hand Lettering Workshop Recap

Oh. My. Gosh!! This was just the best night! 16 wonderfully amazing ladies, donuts, hand lettering, laughing, lots of goodies, and all in West Elm which is the most gorgeous store everrrr. And did you know they do events like this all the time? So not only are they the cutest store in existence, they support local artists with is basically just the coolest thing of all time ever. 


And because no one wants to scroll for days.. here are some fun photos from the night. :) 

A big thanks to West Elm for letting me hold this event in their gorgeous Orange County location, Crayola for suppling some of my all time favorite markers, JuJuBe for the cutest travel case of all time to keep it all in, and Jana for snapping these some pictures of the night!

And most of all the biggest thank you of ALL time to all those that came! I seriously feel so stoked to have meet you wonderful ladies and enjoy your company for the night. Thank you thank you thank you!

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