My Hard Goals

Guys goals are hardddd. They are so hard. And putting them out there is scary cause then everyone will know if you fail. But I am doing it guys. I am putting it all out there. And letting you guys know my goals for this year.  

Ok first up is YouTube. Instagram stories and Snapchat have been SO fun for me to connect and get to know you guys better. And I am hoping YouTube will be the next step. So goal: Make a YouTube video every week. Whaaaat? Yikes. I am nervous guys. But also stoked outside my mind. Cause I think this platform and I are going to be good friends. So if you enjoy my instagram stories/ want to see me make a fool of myself/ see my ridiculously passionate opinions on things/ get tips on hand lettering and all that encompasses, make sure to subscribe and engage on there. I know myself and seeing you guys excited about it, will help me stay excited and motivated. I neeeeedd yoouuuuuu. Haha. But really. 

Ok second is this dang blog. Blogging seems so 3 years ago. Like do you read blogs anymore? But I need a landing page for my content. So if you were like hey.. I feel like Tara had some tips on the iPad pro and you didn't know if it was on my instagram or youtube or email newsletter etc, you could come here and wam bam there it is. So yes. More ramblings and info on here as well. Yay! 

Next is what I want as a whole for Rad & Happy. I want to get more products out to you guys. And classes. And fun subscriptions. And just all sorts of happy rad goodness. I am hustling my booty behind the scenes so get excited. Big things are coming. :)

But with all of these goals, my main objective is to spread happiness. I am a firm believer in finding the happiness around us no matter our situation. And that can be found in the simplest things. Like the wallpaper on your phone, or someone making you laugh on Instagram Stories, or just finding the beauty in the everyday. And I want to do whatever I can to bring a few extra smiles to the people I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. 

Thanks a million for supporting this creative journey with me. I am excited! Slightly nervous but mostly grateful that I have these platforms to spread some rad and happy goodness. Every comment, like, share, view, makes me want to hug each and every one of you individually. I freaking LOVE you people. 


Yeeeeah baby let's do this! 

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