Beddy's Bedding: my thoughts after a month of use

I can't even handle how much I love this bedding and what a game changer it is. My two and four years old can make their own beds.. and it looks good.. AND they have bunk beds! All they have to do is zip it up and it turns into a perfectly made bed.

After about a month of use I thought I would check in and give you my final verdict on the bedding. 

Price: At first look, the price seems a little steep and that's one of the biggest hesitations I heard when people saw my initial video. Buuuut if you honestly buy a comforter, blanket, and fitted sheet from a trendy place like Land of Nod or what not, you are actually saving money. It is just all bundled into one price. Plus that Land of Nod comforter is going to look like a crumpled mess on that top bunk. :) I 100% think the price is right on the money and worth every single penny. 

How They Wash: So about a week after I received my glorious bedding, my kids got the stomach flu an threw up allllll over it. I was devastated and thought for sure we had ruined them. But after I washed them, I legit couldn't believe they looked as good as new and everything same right out without any issues at all. The minky on the inside didn't pill or stain or change whatsoever. They kept their shape and went back on as if nothing had happened. 

So my final verdict on this bedding is still a resounding YES!! They are every bit as amazing as you would hope they would be. They have made our lives so much easier and their room look so much more put together on any given day. 


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