My Favorite Recent Amazon Finds

Guys.. Amazon has been really good to me lately. Something about fast shipping and a one stop shop for everything makes this mommas life incredibly happy. And I am bringing up my love to a whole new level with buying clothes from there. Hah! But nothing good is worth sharing if you can't share it right? So here is a ridiculously random round up of my favorite purchases recently. 

My new all time favorite dress:

This isn't a maternity dress, but it's everything you would ever want in a dress if your preggo or not. It's lightweight and flowy. Buttons all the way up the front (hello perfectly nursing friendly). Has an elastic waist that doesn't cut into your waist. And a super flattering sleeve length. It comes in a bunch of different patterns & colors, and I am tempted to buy a million of them because they are only around $24. #score! I am wearing a size small and ended up cutting off the front tassel things because they were purely decorative, and I didn't think they added anything to the dress. And for the first time in a long time, getting ready for church pregnant didn't make me depressed AND I don't have to say goodbye to it after I have my baby. 


A good non blinds option:

I don't even have a before photo because the blinds in this room were legit a embarrassing nightmare. They were those skinny cheep blinds that kids destroy in about 1.2 seconds. And we don't have room/ particularly enjoy curtains so I found the coolest alternative! These window clings took barely any time to put on, and it's insane how much better they make our room look. They still let in a lot of light so they won't work if you are looking for a blackout option. They provide the same privacy as curtains, and I love all the natural light flooding into my room at the same time. I also think this or this design could be a lot of fun. (basically if you don't understand the concept, you know those window clings they make for kids to play with on windows? Like stickers without adhesive? These are the same idea.)


Two of my all time favorite maternity dresses I have ever worn.

This one I legit wore all day and it was the most comfortable I have been since I got pregnant. And this one is much too cute to be as flattering and comfortable as it is. 

Smart Plugs:

So we have lights in the house without switches so I have to physically unplug them. Or my kids are always asking me to help them with their lamp. ( Hello rental problems right? Our whole house doesn't have hardly any lights installed anywhere.) So these things you plug into your plug,s and you can turn the switches on and off with your phone. You can also set them to go on at a certain time. So the kid's room light will turn on when the sun sets every night and it's one less thing I have to worry about. I know not everyone needs these, but for us, they have been a game changer.