Baby Essentials - What You Need And What You Don't

Baby Essentials - What You Need And What You Don't

Once you have had a few kids, you really get a sense of what you really need. And all that extra stuff is like 10 times more annoying. So here's my list of my essentials. :)

1. Woombie: I love this freaking thing. It keeps my babies swaddled all night long, I don't have to worry about extra blankets in their bed, and I can unzip it from the bottom for those middle of the night diaper changes. Also no loud sticky Velcro and my babies arms don't have to be pinned down so they seem to like it more. I suggest buying two for when one is in the wash. 

2. Hand pump: This is actually new this pregnancy. I bought the most expensive breast pump my first baby and hated the thing. Unless you are going to be pumping a TON (like going back to work and need to pump every day) I actually totally suggest a hand pump. It is WAY less painful (this one especially), is actually really fast, and is super easy to clean. You can also do it on the go really discretely (under a nursing cover at dinner time if needed discretely. hah no way could you do that with a pump) and doesn't take up any space. And these bottles are my favorite. 

3. Ice packs: Actually doesn't even really matter what kind but I did like these cause they were easy to slip in my bra. But when your milk comes in ICE THEM! I never did this with my other two and it was a legit game changer this time. No heat ever. Not even hot showers for those few days. I got over my engorgement so much faster this way. 

4. Blankets: I am obsessed and everyone that knows me knows it. But they are wrapped up so much the first little bit that their blankets are basically their outfits. A simple onsie and a blanket are my go tos that first while. Plus I use them for a burp rag, changing mat, and nursing cover (when I don't have my Copper + Pearl nursing cover on hand)

My favorite brands are..
Max & Moose - Feels like a thick t-shirt almost. Keeps its shape perfectly when swaddling. Nice and big.

Solly Baby - Incredibly soft. Almost slippery so doesn't keep a swaddle AS well but pretty dang good. Also so big. And the cutest prints. 

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket - I really don't like their single layer bamboo blankets. They are terrible at swaddling and ride up when you hold your baby with one. But their dream blankets are the perfect cuddling blankets or when you want something with a little more weight.

Saranoni - The cuddliest blankets in the whole world. Heavy weight and just unreal soft. 

5. Onesies: Especially in the beginning. I always buy way too many newborn & 0-3 month clothes cause they are just so dang cute! But the truth is they just don't get used and are more annoying than anything else. These are super cute onesies for girls if it hurts to be too plain. hah

6. Bows: If you are having a girl my favorite bow shops are.. 
Loved by Sophia Claire - the sweetest little newborn bows
Bloomies Handmade - the cutest prints and styles. Lots of good deals and your first bow is free. 
Ellia May Designs - Some of the best prints ever! They also have a subscription which is rad. 

7. Binkies - Mam is my favorite brand by a long shot. They stay in my kid's mouths so much easier than everything else. I also just figured out that you can take nail polish and rub off the designs for a nice neutral binkie. I also found this cool thing this time around to help keep it in the babies mouth. And for binkie clips I love Ryan & Rose and Loved By Sophia Claire. 

8. Shout Wipes: Guys these things are a game changer. I have met a stain these can't get out. And I love how portable they are for on the go. 

9. Pregnancy Clothes: Augh being in clothes is so difficult when you are pregnant. hah. But this was my favorite dress and I am so stoked I can still wear it after pregnancy cause it's legit the most comfortable thing EVER. I dressed it up and wore it to weddings and then around the house. It's so soft and the sleeve length and everything is very flattering. 

And after a ridiculous legging quest.. these Lululemon leggings were the most comfortable leggings by far. Which is depressing cause they were the most expensive. But I tried everyone's recommendations and these are just the best. They don't slide down or dig and cover your belly as your grow. I just got my normal size and they worked just fine. If you get a lot bigger during your pregnancy I might size up but they were extremely forgiving. And I legit wore them basically every day so I guess they paid for themselves. 

10. Baby Carrier - I love the Solly Wrap for the first little while. Then when they get heavier and for long days, I prefer a structured carrier like the Lille Baby. And for quick ins and outs I love ring slings like Sakura Bloom or Wildbird. I could do a whole post on baby carriers alone (which I might just do) so leave any questions you have in the comments. 

Extra things you don't NEED but are reallyyyyy nice to have:
1. Doona carseat - This is legit the most brilliant thing that has ever been invented. Carrying a carseat is legit the worst thing on the planet. But this one has wheels that tuck up in it so you can release them and it instantly turns into a compact stroller. And then. you can easily fold it back up and it clips into the base in your car. It is a little heavier than other carseats but it doesn't matter because you never have to carry it. Seriously the best thing ever. 

2. Dwell & Slumber - These dresses are incredible. They are SO comfortable and really easy to nurse in. They are long enough where you don't feel exposed and weird but not hot and annoying. I can wear them to bed and around the house and to Target. :) Clothes after you have a baby are just hard so these are my saving grace while my body adjusts. 

3. Dock A Tot - This little bed is super handy. I love that it snuggles your baby so they feel comforted and that it's portable so I can bring it around the house with me if needed. 

Things I don't use:
Changing table - I will NEVER walk all the way over to wherever the table is. Just doesn't happen.
Nursing pillow - I actually think they hurt more than help sometimes and if you do use it the first little bit, then they just end up taking up a lot of space once you don't need it.
Pregnancy Pillow - I "treated" myself to one this time around and hated it. 
Electric pump - Takes up a lot of space, hard to clean, uncomfortable. (unless you are exclusively pumping or you are pumping every day)
Newborn clothes - Just buy a couple packs of onesies. They are too little for anything else to be comfortable/ practical. 
Baby shoes/socks - They never stay on. Wrap them up in all those cute blankets instead. :)
The hospital mesh underwear - A lot of women say to stock up on these cause they love them. I really really hate them. Haha. Who wants a bloody pad hanging between their legs after birth? I go and buy a pack of granny panty underwear that I will throw away after all is said and done. I just like the feeling of everything being close to my body and regular underwear keeps your pad in place and is waaaay more comfortable.   

I hope this is helpful! I will be sure to add or edit if I come across anything else life changing as well. :) 

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