A Year In Review Book

Ok so there are a lot of printing companies out there. But one I will always come back to again and again is Mixbook. Their quality is amazing and their prices are fantastic. (especially when you use the coupon code RADANDHAPPY19 for 50% off their photo books)


I am really bad at printing photos but also don’t want hundreds of little books delivered to my house only to get ruined by littles. So when I saw that Mixbook had these year in review books, I was stoked. I legit just signed into my instagram account on their website, picked which photos, and autofilled the pages. The whole things took me only a few minutes and it’s PERFECT!


Also Paige is obsessed which melts my whole heart. She will look at it forever and ever.


I love it. So much. And being a designer I usually feel like I have to design everything myself but their pages are SO good that I didn’t have to do a thing. And it’s beautiful. Happy day.

It’s also such a good idea for basically any holiday for any human. That really hard MIL gift. Done. And make sure to use that 50% off code. It’s good till 4/15/19 code: RADANDHAPPY19