Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Literally I could just write “hire movers” and be done with this blog post. Hah GUYS! I have moved SO many times and never felt like I could justify movers. Oh my gosh I want to hug my younger self and then maybe try to slap some sense into her cause it was a GAME CHANGER.

Ok so let me back up. I was super anti having someone help me pack my boxes. Cause I wanted my donate pile to be as big as my pack pile. Hah so I was doing crazy purging and organizing while packing. But I honestly feel like that’s the easier part. The hauling all those freaking heavy boxes and couches and rugs and mirrors and Christmas trees and all the things into the truck is SO exhausting and so so hard. Even if you have some really really good friends that offer to help, it’s just a really big bummer of a job. And I really really love my friends and didn’t want to do that to them. Bring me food, watch my kids, sure! But do the worst job ever?! I dunno.


So we decided to go with Hire A Helper and it was honestly fantastic. They were at my house right on time, wrapped all my fragile things, took apart my fridge that didn’t fit through the door (no broken pickle jar this time guys hahah) and had it all out of my house in a few hours. Then they drove the truck to our new place and unloaded it all! Like it was totally one of those things where I was like eh we can totally do it ourselves. Then my fingers were bashed in from trying to carry a couch that was too heavy and I was apologizing to my husband for saying not so nice words to him in front of our children. 🙈 So here me loud and clear when I say this.. movers are worth every freaking penny. No matter how little of stuff you have. (Especially if you don’t have a ton of stuff cause they will be cheaper) Here is the link to find more info on movers near you.

Something else that is helpful is to pack like you are going on a trip first. So you’ll have all your toiletries, chargers, socks, diapers, wallets, and all those little things that easily get lost in a move and are so frustrating to try and find deep in a bunch of boxes.

And my last tip is free boxes. There is a strip mall of stores in our city that all throws out their boxes out back. We asked if they minded if we took them and all of them were totally ok with it.. They would put them all out there after they would close, so we would go and gather them up for a few nights till we had enough of them. Depending on the stores, you can get perfectly wonderful clean boxes that packaged cup lids or something. Plus its a great way to reuse something that’s just going to be thrown away.

Ok last super rad thing is It’s a donation service that will come and pick up your clothing and household good and donate them to veterans and their families. What?! Coolest thing ever right!? They take clothing, shoes, purses, household items, toys, and more. And they COME PICK IT UP!! Haha. Can you tell how excited I am about this? It’s not available everywhere but you can check out their website and see if they service your area because it’s basically a movers dream to make their life easier while also going to a really good cause.

So here it is summed up.

  1. Hire movers via

  2. Pack like you’re going on a trip to keep important things seperate

  3. Use free boxes

  4. for donation pickup that goes to veterans

Anyways.. Hope this is helpful!! And good luck! Moving is a beast but you can do it!!

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