We Bought A House!

We Bought A House!

If you live/rent in Southern California you are big time frenemies with Zillow. Usually you get on about once a week and look for houses where you want to live, get frustrated, and go to bed angry. Then repeat that for years. Hahah. I LOVE Southern California. It’s expensive to live here because lots of people want to live here. Because it’s awesome. Hah. But you pay the price for SURE.

So back when my husband got a job after grad school and we had to move to California pretty quickly. I was looking for rentals and realized we could afford to rent in Huntington Beach. So I figured why the heck not go live by the beach for a few months while we found our home. Well fast forward 5 years and here we are. Still in Huntington Beach. We fell HARDcore in love with this place and the people. HB is amazing. It’s a beach city but without all the oozing psycho amounts of money people who make you feel less. There are SO many amazing families, young kids, things to do, the best beaches, and the weather just can’t be beat. I literally in my whole life have never met better people. People who have loved my kids as their own, always there to help, and late night girls night laughing our full heads off. I knew if we ever were to leave this place I was going to need to be struck by lightning basically cause it’s freaking magical here.

Well my husband and started looking at the Oceanside/Carlsbad area and went to visit. It was super pretty and we really liked it but we didn’t have ANY reason to go down there besides the fact that it was more affordable than where we were at now while still being close to the beach. Well fast forward a few months and we just kept seeing houses pop up that we liked down there. I wanted to spend a Sunday morning praying and fasting and thinking long and hard if this was something we should pursue more. Well Sundays with 3 littles are madness so all I had time to do was a quick prayer and we were off to church.

We sat down and a group of women came and sat in front of my family. I immediately recognized one of them as a friend from my college days at BYUI that I hadn’t seen or talked to in YEARS! After the service I went to talk to her and found out her sisters and mom were all on a trip together and just stopped in while they were passing by. I asked them where they were visiting from and they were all from the Oceanside/ Carlsbad area. Like whaaaat?!? Ok and if that wasn’t enough, one of the sisters husbands was a real estate agent. Haha it for sure one of those things that was too crazy to be coincidence. So we exchanged info and they were on their way.

So we started looking at houses more seriously but not pushing it either. I figured it didn’t have to be an immediate decision and we’d take our time till we found something great. I’m talking full on tears and chills when I walk into a house while I see visions of our children growing up and frolicking around. Hahah. I had big expectations guys.

But we went down there quite a bit checking out all the different areas, schools, churches, and talking to everyone we could. We went and looked at quite a few houses but I didn’t feel goosebumps yet so I figured it was still a while off.

Then one morning I was looking on Redfin (kinda like Zillow) and a house popped up that looked pretty dang rad. We decided to drive down right then and check it out. And guys.. all those chills and visions of children frolicking like from the Once Upon A December dancing scene in Anastasia filled me head to toe. It was perfect.

It has an amazing back yard that is landscaped in a way where kids will PLAY. There is dirt and rocks and trees and lizards and flowers and a pool with a nice fence already around it. (Whiiiich I was super against at first but after seeing my kids play in it for hours even though the water was freezing cold, I think we are going to become friends) And then outside our fence is just NATURE. Just a big ravine with all different types of trees and wildflowers with a path that winds around for miles. It’s pretty dang magical. I am halfway blaming this need for space on my parents because my crazy dad built our home on the foothills of the mountain and so all growing up I just wandered and played “lost girls” till it was time to come in for dinner or took off from the garage on my dirt bike to ride the trails all through the hills behind our home. This isn’t quite that but it gave me all the same feelings of home.

Anyways.. to sum things up.. We put an offer in. Had to do a little bit of back and forth. Prayed. Cried. Nightmares. Excitement. Math. Stress. Happiness. Anticipation. Pro Con lists. Break downs. Trying to wrap your head around leaving a best friend who’s more like a sister. Inspections. Documents. Hugs. Prayers. Like HOW do humans make freaking life changing decisions??! Hahah It was literally the hardest thing ever. Because we didn’t have a REAL reason to go. Other than it felt right. So I just dug down real deep and tried to listen to my gut. It was super unclear for a long time but I just kept moving forward in hopes that some direction would come. I felt like everything was completely black but every time I took a tiny step, it was like arms were wrapped around me supporting me. The more steps I took forward, the more peace I felt. Sometimes the steps were freaking painful, but after I got through them, there was always peace.

We closed on the house a few days ago and got the keys! I was instantly filled with SO much joy. I have no idea how things are going to work out and why this happened when it did, but I am here for it.

The day we got the keys, we immediately got to work. The house has some pretty serious 70s vibes going on a few places, but I personally like that so much more than a brand new house with finishes I didn’t choose but are too nice to take out. When I say my dad built our house, I mean like BUILT our house. Like with his hands. (and some additional manpower obviously) but the man is TALENTED. I have always wanted to work side by side and learn from him, so I am excited to doing a lot of the renovations together will be fun. We are just starting out with floors and walls and then move in. Then we will tackle the kitchen and slowly decorate our way through the house.

I really love a modern clean look but I want to stick with as many natural materials as I can. It was probably Joanna Gaines or something who said this but it made a lot of sense to me. But they said that if you stick to materials the come from the earth, it will be timeless. So that’s my general goal. Mid-century modern, natural materials, clean and modern but home-y and warm. Hows that for a style? Hahah. But I REALLY enjoyed making our past apartments a home and firmly believe in loving the space you’re in, wherever that is.

It’s amazing after this sega of a blog post that I still have so much to share and say but I just have to put in a plug for all your friends and family that are buying houses.. Go HUG THEM!!! This crap is stressful. Hahah. But for real. Lend an ear, be a sounding board, make sure they eat, be excited with them, talk flooring with them. They need you. :) And if you are in the middle of trying to make big life choices girl HANG ON. You’re going to be ok. Trust that gut of yours. Take bitty steps in a direction and see how it feels. Pray A LOT. Fuel your life with gratitude. The second I started looking at where I lived with overflowing gratitude for the people and the time I had spent here, it softened the pain because I know it will always be a warm fuzzy part of me and my life. Forever and ever.

I’ll share more photos soon! And take you along the process of all the things. But mostly THANK YOU!!! I know social media can get a bad rep sometimes but your guys SHOW UP for me again and again and I freaking love you forever for it. Thanks for being excited with me. This has been a goal of ours for almost ten years. We have been living that apartment life, working hard to pay off student loans, growing my business to be a substantial source of income, and just paying our dues to try and make this happen all while raising babies and trying to keep our house from looking like a dump truck exploded. I can’t believe it. We did it! We actually did it. Hahah. I am all kinds of overwhelmed thinking about the next few months of renovations and moving but I’m trying to remind myself to take it all in and celebrate. So thank you. Thanks for being excited with us and all your goodness and kindness. You guys freaking rock.

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