The Rad And Happy Planner

The Rad And Happy Planner

So I used to buy approximately 2-4 planners a season. Hahah It’s true guys. But it’s because I can never find one I REALLY love. Obnoxious colors, too big to fit on my desk or in my purse, poor quality, ugly type, random layout, waisted space, etc etc etc. So I literally took all the things I loved from all the planners and created the most perfect planner of all time. Let me show you why..


1. It’s beautiful. No extra cheesy frills. No ugly type faces. A sexy layout that will only aid in keeping your life on track and happy.

2. No wasted pages. Do people actually use planners in the summer? I sure don’t. So I kept buying these planners only to have like 1/4 of them go unused. So I found a beautiful way to be able to fill in the pages as you go. Start and pick back up whenever you need. Use every single page without waste.

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3. A place for everything. Monthly spread with a notes section. Weekly spreads with a huge space for a todo list, a section for errands and things you need to do outside the home so they are easy to call on when you are out and about, a habit tracker, a notes section, meals, and a glance at important things happening next week so you can keep them on your radar.

4. I love the idea of a bullet journal but do not have the time to make drawing out pretty spreads every day. This gives you the foundation of a bullet journal if you want to use it that way. You can fill it in and make it personal and yours or leave it nice and simple. Best of both worlds.

5. Coloring Page Dividers. Between each month if an epic Rad & Happy coloring page. Perfect to use to unwind after feeling overwhelmed by your to do list. Or just to leave as is for the happiest little surprises as you go about your weeks.


6. Vegan leather cover. Wipes clean and stays white! This cover will totally hold up to your busy life no problem.

7. Stickers! Cause what’s a planner without stickers?!? There is a sticker for every month spread and a lot to use in-between. Simple enough not to be obnoxious but fun enough to make laundry day look super cool.

8 . Lays flat. Stitched binding to make sure no stupid spiral gets in the way of writing on half the page. Also makes it so it lays perfectly flat so you can write all the way to all the edges.


9. A yellow ribbon. I didn’t want too much color in this planner because I felt it was important to add your own color and not have someone else decide for you. But I also wanted a little reminder to find the happy in the day to day. And that’s what this little yellow ribbon reminds me of. You find the goodness. And treasure it.


10. I fully and completely believe that writing thoughts and goals down will change your life. It makes you slow down and really focus on what you are wiring. Our minds are so all over the place that we hardly ever stick to one thought for very long. Purposefully writing out your to do list and then checking it off as you complete it gives you a huge boost of self accomplishment. Just noting in your brain that you did the dishes doesn’t do anything for you. But checking that sucker off makes you feel all kinds of accomplished and happy. And we are on our phones so much that’s it’s nice to have something removed. Not to get distracted from notification so you’re less forgetful and something tangible that you can look back on and see what your day to day life looked like even if you don’t have time to keep a journal.

I love this planner. (Obviously). I spilled my whole heart, brain, and soul into it and love seeing you guys love it as much as I do. They are on preorders right now to save you from the stress of missing out on launch day (they sold out in a few hours last time!) but will be shipping in a few weeks!

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