Balance (and a freebie!)

Balance (and a freebie!)

When Cricut asked me to be part of this women empowerment campaign I was SO excited but also so nervous because most of the time I have zero idea what I am doing. Hahah. But I think that’s the whole point. To not know what you’re doing but find happy along the way. And because I am always so interested how people keep their lives from falling apart, I am sharing a few #momboss hacks that seem to work for me.

Everyone is always seeking out the “balance” in their life. How do you be a good mom, rock your side hustle, make good meals, shower, keep your floor clean enough to walk through, be a good friend, make our with your husband, say your prayers, shave your legs, unwind, and vacuum ancient snacks from who knows when out of your car? The answer is you don’t! You were never meant to do all the things. And assuming you should is just setting yourself up for failure.

I am a firm believer in hard work. And that it’s a skill developed just like any other skill and not many people aren’t naturally good at it. I set goals and work really hard to accomplish them. So when I say that you were never meant to do all the things, that doesn’t mean just a free ride lounging on the couch. Because if you want a side hustle, or to be really good at keeping your house clean, it takes work. But anything worth anything takes some hard work and it’s ALWAYS worth it.

But because I am one human and can’t do everything, here are some things I have found help me to be able to be a #momboss

  1. Hire help in your weak areas. Like I said.. you were never meant to do this alone. So I can keep my house tidy but I never have time to deep clean. So I have a house cleaner that comes every few weeks and it’s been a game changer. I hug her every single time she leaves and she’s worth her weight in gold. I felt silly at first hiring a cleaner because I live in a small apartment and it felt a little ridiculous that I wasn't capable of keeping it clean. But guess what? I am really good at coloring with my kids. And I pack pretty decent lunches every morning. And I designed and sell the best planner of all time. So letting go of the fact that I can’t keep a tiny apartment clean not only freed up time but also my mind and mom guilt.

  2. Not everything has to be hard. Quality time with my kids used to always weigh on me because my imagination couldn’t hang and I was just tired. So I started creating coloring pages for my kids and quickly found that it not only made them so happy to spend that time with me, but also was majorly relaxing for me too. Or I buy rotisserie chicken from Costco instead of spending the time to cook it. Or I use my Cricut to cut out a freaking cute custom tag for Mother’s Day to satisfy the need to be creative and thoughtful without dominating a whole afternoon of crafting struggles. I put everything together I need for smoothies for the week so when I need something for breakfast, I just dump it all in the blender and I don’t have to think about it. Little things add up SO quickly. So if something is a time or energy suck in your life, finding a way to make it easier is a game changer.

  3. Somedays you do a lot of laundry. And some days you answer a lot of emails. It’s hardly ever both. But I just try to pay attention to my ebb and flows but embrace it rather than stress out about it. Instead of crossing things out on your todo list, try highlighting them. Just the mindset shift of celebrating what you accomplished instead of stressing over what's left makes a huge difference.

And because Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m all about working smarter not harder, here is fun tag for all those mommas in your life. You get all the warm fuzzies of creating something beautiful and giving those hard working mommas something unique and hand made that only takes a few minutes tops.


For this project I used my Cricut Wild Rose Air 2 machine and paper from Natalie Malan’s new line. The whole line is UNREAL dreamy and perfect for all your Mother’s Day projects.

If you are new to Cricut, I have a whole post and info coming of a step by step walk through so don’t fret. If I can figure out this machine and craft with it, anyone can. (I seriously and honestly mean that. Being crafty and artistic are two different things my friend. haha) I think my issue with crafting is that everything I make always looks like a 4 year old made it. Hahah. But with the Cricut I can upload my art and it cuts it out PERFECTLY. SO I can create things to give to the people I love and not feel like a fool. hahah. Ok here’s the how to..


Download THIS file

Launch Cricut Design Space

Click New Project

Click Upload on the left side

Click Upload Image

Drag and Drop file

Click Save

Select Uploaded Artwork and Click Insert Images

Position where on the mat you would like it to cut

Click Make it - This will separate the two different cuts. So the first cut will be the background and the second cut will be the front.

Make sure your machine is connected and the correct material you are using is selected.

Cut it out!!

I then used a glue adhesive to glue the pieces together and wam bam thank you mam. All done!

I hope something in this post was helpful to you! I just know we are all trying to figure it out and making it up as we go along. So don’t think for one second that I have it all together cause I don’t. Not one tiny little bit. But these little things seem to make the biggest impact personally. And if nothing else, hopefully the free SVG cut file makes you happy and excited to create something fun for all those other mommas in your life who are just trying their best and could use a little love this Mother’s Day.

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